Product Review: Give a Doggy a Bone Dog Treats

I tend to stick with the same old same old when it comes to my dogs - I've just heard that changing foods isn't always good for their tummies. When it comes to treats - mine go wild over Meaty Bone - but once in a while - I splurge. 

On a recent trip to Jungle Jim's I came across these - and let me tell you - how could I NOT get these?! My dogs are total divas and they're pink & glittery!

Then I find out Give a Doggy a Bone is a local company in Hamilton - even better! I think it's cool that Jungle Jim's had a whole wall of treats from a local vendor. They're obviously more expensive than the ginormous bag of Meaty Bones - but it's a fun treat.

Wiener wasn't so sure about these and to be honest they are REALLY hard. I had to break these up into smaller pieces for him and then he enjoyed them. They do have smaller sizes in different varieties - I would get those next time for the Ween-Dog.

Mysty devoured in her normal 2.3 seconds. So yeah - she liked them.

All in all - they liked them - they were just a little hard for the little guy. They sell them across the country and ship as well - so even if you're not in Cincinnati - you can have some Diva Treats for your Diva!!!

(For the record - I bought & paid for these myself and just thought they were so cute - I had to blog about them!)

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