Restaurant Review: McDonald's Mighty Wings

There are a lot of social networks out there - some better than others. One of the networks I'm a passive member of is Klout. It measures your social media footprint and sometimes offers up perks based on your interest areas. 

I recently got a $5 perk to try the Might Wings at McDonalds. It's not a big one by any means - but we got to McD's now and again - so we might as well try them.

I got 3 wings - a meal with fries & a drink was about $4. The wings are very large and were all the "leg" portion of the wing. They also offered up a sauce to go along with them.

Why Should You Go? While the Mighty Wings are large - they're a bit dry - which I guess could also be interpreted as not greasy. They are spicy though - so be forewarned! I was glad I had ranch and soda to wash these down. I wouldn't get them again - but it was nice of Klout to let me try them!

McDonald's on Urbanspoon

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