Restaurant Review: Rusty Bucket & Giveaway!

I've had this gift card for the Rusty Bucket basically burning a hole in my pocket all summer - just waiting to be used. But when you live in Mt Healthy - going to Rookwood for dinner requires planning - which I'm just not good at apparently. 

But then I got this postcard in the mail that the new Rusty Bucket was opening in Mason! While Mason isn't really close - it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to at least make a reservation and plan dinner. (They're open to the public now BTW.)

Upon arrival I realized that their new location was in the location of the former Polo Grille (um I didn't even know they'd closed!). The Polo Grille was a nice place but Rusty Bucket completely gutted and renovated the space. There are lots of TVs all around the restaurant as well as the bar.

The server asked us what we wanted to drink and Larry couldn't decide. I was so puzzled - I pointed to this on the menu and said "Really - you can't decide?!"

Yeah - cuz this is his FAVORITE - especially on draft! It's kind of a crap shoot when you order it because it tastes different all the time - depending on the barrel - it can have a lot sweeter taste. 

Larry decided to steak it up with the Tavern Steak ($18.29) which is an 18 oz Porterhouse, cast iron seared and served on top of fries. I have to say - we both gasped a bit when this came to the table - it's GINORMOUS! 

It was a good steak - not as tender as a ribeye - but tasty nonetheless and definitely one that came home for a great next day lunch!

I went for the Pesto Chicken Pasta ($12.99) - I really wanted one of their new Blue Plate Specials (the Pasta Bolognese is a family recipe) - but they're only available on their specific day of the week. (Note to self: go on a Tuesday) This has spaghetti with white wine, garlic, spinach, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, olive oil and then topped with pesto & chicken. I liked this a lot as well and but it was a bit salty.

In addition to the Blue Plate Specials, they also have new apps (mussels and hummus!) and also a new burger - the Double Bacon Burger (how good does that sound?!). And while this is a chain - it started in Columbus, OH so it's almost local
And yes - you can get your picture taken with a giant pickle. How can you not love that?

As a welcome to the neighborhood, Rusty Bucket gave me a $25 gift card to giveaway for all of you! Just let me know what menu item you would like to try and enter away!

Why Should You Go? I like the Bucket - it's got a friendly atmosphere and they did pretty well for service on a full night. It took a while for the 2nd half of our service but all in all - not too bad. It's a family-friendly place as well and the portion size is very large.

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