Road Trip: Cincinnati Museum Center's Ultimate Dinosaurs!

The folks at the Cincinnati Museum Center invited me in to check out their RAWRsome new Dinosaur exhibit! The exhibit is in place through January 5 - so it seems you have plans to make! 

First - let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is Cincinnati Museum Center. The amazing art deco structure against a blue sky even Photoshop can't create. What a beautiful day!

First we checked out the Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia at the OMNIMAX. It was really cool - I like the OMNIMAX movies because they're not too long and you learn so much! The way they brought the dinosaurs to life was amazing. This was a really fun show.

If you haven't been - it's a 5 story high theater that surrounds you. It's amazing! There's a little dizzy factor to get over - but nothing too distracting and so worth it.

Ticket prices for the OMNIMAX theater range from $4.50-$7.50 and can be purchased separate from any museum entrance fees.

After the movie, we headed downstairs to the Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana exhibit. There was a great mix of the story of dinosaurs, real fossils, dinosaurs and interactive exhibits.

I remember when I was a kid - I was OBSESSED with dinosaurs! I had models that I put together, posters, toys, puzzles, books and everything else a poor kid could get her hands on. Stegasaurus was my favorite - yes - this nerd had a favorite dinosaur.

And it was fun to see how interactive the exhibits were - they were all positioned for kids to get as much out of them as adults. Seeing a young girl fascinated by these amazing creatures as much as I was definitely took me back! 

 I would love for a 9 year old me to come across this exhibit and see a REAL FOSSIL EGG!!! Can you imagine?!

The Giants of Gondwana exhibit is also able to be visited separate from the rest of the museums and tickets range from $7-$15.

Also before you go - if you have an iPhone - be sure to download the Dino app - you'll be able to take 3D pics with the dinosaurs walking around you! But download BEFORE you go - reception in there is spotty and slow!

Sunday when I visited there was an extra bonus - the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was at the Museum Center as well.  It was free with a donation box on entry.

 It was obvious that the folks visiting it really had stories that connected them to it. I think it's nice that they have something that travels so that folks that can't get to DC still get a chance to see this and heal.

Whether or not you have a young one OBSESSED with dinosaurs as much as I was - it's really a great exhibit and the OMNIMAX is always entertaining and informational. Thanks again to the Cincinnati Museum Center for the admission.

And while you're there - check out the free tours of Union Terminal and find out a little more about Cincinnati history!

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