Christmas Wish List: Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones (for hubby)

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm going to share some gift ideas for you and yours this holiday season.

I know the first thing on my husband's list: good headphones for the gym! I always buy him those cheap $5 pairs and they always break! I say it's because he doesn't take care of them - but this year - he promises to take care of them if I get him GOOD ones!

Jaybird creates state-of-the-art headphones for active lifestyles. Check out for details. They have all these different bluetooth headphones - which are perfect since we have music service on our phones!

I like that they have so many styles of bluetooth headphones - they have ear buds and over the head styles. Plus - they have GOOD quality audio - which is great so I can drown out the cries from my knees when I'm on the treadmill! I really love listening to music LOUD so at least with these - I can borrow them from Larry and have Eminem in my head rather than the pain.

So in preparation for Christmas - I'm hoping to win a pair rather than buy them! Every single day someone will win a pair of FREE headphones! (You can enter every day!)

But if you can't wait to win a pair - buy some for yourself! You can also check them out at Best Buy, Apple Stores, and a bunch of other places.

These are no ordinary headphones either - check out this video to see how amazing the audio is!

There are also some other benefits to these headphones:

  • They come with multiple size ear buds for your comfort. My husband and I both have small inner ears - so it's great that the ear bud types come in a Small size. 
  • The BlueBuds have an 8 hour battery! How awesome is that if you're a runner (i.e. NOT ME). 
  • Jenna - Who's Jenna? Apparently the voice prompt has a name. My husband loves his voice prompt on his phone - I think he'll like Jenna too. 
  • All JayBird products have a lifetime sweat-proof guarantee - so no matter how stanky sweaty you get - your headphones won't get funked up. 
  • They all have a USB charger - so you can just plug them into your computer when they need a boost!
  • All these crazy X-Games style athletes use them - so if you're doing something a little more wild than a treadmill - these will work for you too. 
So hopefully we can win a pair of these awesome JayBird headphones so I can stuff them in his stocking. If not - I might have to buy a pair (his big gift). Until then he'll just break another fourteen pairs of his cheap headphones. 

What are you planning on getting your significant other for Christmas? Do you do one big gift or multiple small ones? Let me know what you're looking for so I can offer up some more fun food ideas!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of JayBird but my husband seriously wants these damn things!

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