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Jack in the Box is a fairly new-to-Cincinnati fast food joint and it's open 24 hours! We have two in the Greater Cincinnati area - one in Pleasant Ridge and the other in West Chester. I headed to the one in my old hood PRidge because I'd heard about these new Jacks Munchie Meals.  

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Jacks Munchie Meals are available from 9pm - 5am - so only late night! And let me tell you - you get a CRAZY amount of food for $6!!! You get a sandwich, two tacos, halfsies fries (half curtly & half regular) and a 20 oz soda! 

There are 4 choices for your sandwich: 

  • Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger - sourdough grilled cheese on top of a burger
  • Exploding Cheesy Chicken - chicken sandwich with mozz sticks & cheese sauce
  • Loaded Nuggets - chicken nuggets smothered with cheese, ranch and bacon
  • Brunch Burger - burger topped with a fried egg & hashbrowns 

Holy crap - seriously?! Those all sound damn good! 

Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger

I went for the Stacked Grilled Cheese option - this is a HUGE burger! I mean - think along the lines of a Big Boy. The grilled cheese is this crazy good cheese sauce and then the bottom is a good MESSY burger. I held this in the wrapper because it was MESSY!! Messy but delicious! 

I have to say though - Chicken Nuggets coated in cheese, bacon and ranch - wow - that's tempting too! 

And the tacos - oh the tacos. Let me say - these are the wierdest tacos on the planet and - potentially - the most addictive. The shells are cripsy on top and then sort of soft on the bottom. Then they're packed with this strange bean & meat mixture that is so warm and cozy I just wanna roll in it. Then top it off with lettuce, a slice of american cheese (yes - I said that) and about 1/4 cup of HOT sauce!! (maybe not 1/4 cup - but a generous amount for sure). They're so unique and sort of have this - "omg what is that?" quickly followed by "Hey get your grubby mitts off my 2nd taco!!!" The Munchie Meals come with 2 tacos (normally priced at an unbelievable 99 cents for 2!). 

So next time you're up late and looking for some munchies - head out to Jack in the Box - and with this $6 Munchie Meal - you might be able to feed 2 people!! 

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