Product Review: Curly's Smokehouse Brats

My friends at Curly's sent me a coupon to try their new Smokehouse Links. I love smoked sausage - so I was all-in for these guys! 

Curly's Smokehouse comes in four flavors: Double Smoked, Chipotle Cheddar, Applewood Smoked Brats and the ones I chose: Cheddar Burst! 

 Larry doesn't really like sausage - so I got these all to myself! I found a couple of different ways to prepare them. First I prepared it in a skillet with a little bit of oil and sauteed some peppers with the links. I had them leftover from my Halloween Pizza escapades and needed to use them I threw some in.

This was delicious! The cheese melts inside the sausages and by the time the peppers were sauteed - the sausage was ready. I really enjoyed this one!

Another night - I felt like having dinner like a 7 year old! So I went for Mac & Cheese and a hot dog style eating of the delicious Cheddar Burst smoked sausage. This time I just cooked the link in a little bit of water in a saucepan. It cooks just fine in water as well. I used a little bit of Nathan's Coney Mustard - it's seriously THE BEST HOT DOG MUSTARD ON THE PLANET! I found it at Ollie's or Big Lots and now - I'm addicted!

I've also made these in the microwave before - any way is good. I prefer the skillet with oil the best - but if you're looking to lighten up - the water or microwave works just fine.

I really liked these brats because they did have that extra "smokey" aroma and flavor that some of the smoked sausages are missing. I would definitely buy these again. And I have to say - since my husband doesn't like sausage - it's nice they only are in 5-pack - because then I can use them up by myself in a couple of weeks.

At $3.99 - they're average price for similar products as well - so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank with them.

Curly's also sent me a coupon for their Pulled BBQ - so that's burning a hole in my fridge as well. Guess what we're having for dinner this week!?!

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