Product Review: Newman's Own Organics

What happens when a giant box of snacks shows up at the Food Hussy Household? Well - you get one happy husband (and some friends too)! 

I go way back with Newman's Own - when I was a kid it was the ONLY pasta sauce my Dad would buy. Seriously - do not even think about putting a jar of Ragu in the cart - he'd have your head on a platter!

The company has split apart now and there is now an offshoot called Newman's Own Organics. They make people food as well as food for your four-legged friends.  My zoo LOVED all of their food - but would the husband feel the same way about the snacks?

Back to the company for a minute - yes they're an off-shoot but they still are tied to the Newman family and sales from the product generate money for Newman's Own Foundation. So that adds another "best part" to their snacks - you're being charitable when you eat them! 

There was so much to choose from and I didn't want to be greedy so I doled some out to friends to try and everyone really enjoyed the treats. I think my husband's favorite were the licorice twists. He loves licorice so I kept popping these into his lunch bag. He's a creature of habit - and this wasn't his normal brand - but once he tried them he came home and said "Those were awesome!" 

That's all a girl can ask for! 

Thanks again to Newman's Own Organics for the sample box and I hope you check them out. If you'd like to know more about what makes it "organic" - they have a page just for you! They also have a store finder - in Cincinnati they can be found at Fresh Market & Kroger. 

Disclosure: I received a giant box of snacks in exchange for this review but the opinions are my own. 

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