Restaurant: Blue Elephant Thai, Sushi & Italian

My friend Kelly and I met up for dinner and decided to check out Blue Elephant. It's been around quite a while and is a bit of an interesting mix for a restaurant: Thai, Sushi and Italian. (um ok?)

We started out with Crab Rangoons ($5.95) - they were fine. They were really crispy and had a lot of stuffing. The plum sauce was very light - nothing like the thick red stuff you get at a Chinese restaurant.

Then we went for sushi for both of us and decided to share. I feel horrible that I can't remember which rolls these were. I know this was a specialty roll in the $12 range. It was pretty good - very large and easily sharable.

More sushi - yum!

Why Should You Go? Well - it wasn't my favorite sushi in town and it just seems a little odd to have Italian food in the mix. The server said the spaghetti is delicious. Service was slow and it was not busy at all - but the food was fine. With all of the amazing sushi & thai in the Hyde Park area - I don't know that I'd go back - but it's not out of the question. 

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