Road Trip: Cincinnati Segway Tours - Holiday Tours starting soon (#1 for Staycation Fun)

This summer, our niece came to visit from Montana - hard to believe looking at this pic that it's nearly winter now! 

It was a joy having Cat visit and we took her all around Cincinnati - you can see some of our adventures in my Road Trip section. One of the things we got to do was a Segway Tour!

I was really excited for the Segway Tour but a bit nervous - I'm not very athletic - so I was a bit worried. (and by "not very athletic" - I mean "a complete clutz")

 The Segway Store is located downtown on Central & Vine. You can buy Segways, electric bikes and more at the store. Most tours depart from this location.

And I will warn you - the next image is disturbing so view at your own risk :-)

Yes - that is the great thing about a Segway tour - you have to wear a helmet and a bright orange vest. Hot - I know.

Jake was a great tour guide - nobody on the tour had ridden before so he taught each of us how to ride and gave us ample practice time.

The corner where the shop is has a lot of riding room - so we tooled around and practiced away!

Larry & Cat were up on theirs really quickly. I thought for sure Larry would be a natural but it actually took him a bit longer to get the hang of it - but once he did - he was smooth! Cat was a natural - she hopped on and took off. #nofear

We were on the Riverfront Tour and went through downtown and over to The Banks. It's a great tour and the time on the Riverfront is great because you really get to ride on a straightaway and just go and enjoy the view.

We hit a little snag on our first tour - we were supposed to have a video camera but the charging system wasn't working - so we ended up going on a second tour. This time - we synced up with Adventure Mom and her husband for the Eden Park tour. 

This was beautiful - a bit more challenging because of the hills - but gorgeous views of the city. This tour starts in Mt. Adams.

Oddly enough - in nearly 10 years - I had never been to this part of Eden Park! The view truly is beautiful and there was a whole family of raccoons that was there for snack time from all the visitors.

 It's a popular spot for photo-taking, these guys were doing engagment photos (I'm guessing).

All in all - both tours were amazing and I have to say - the Segway Tour was my favorite thing we did in entire our Stay-cation. I really enjoyed just tooling around and exploring a bit. On the Eden Park tour there's a bit more time to ride around - and it was beautiful in the evening! 

I would recommend wearing SHOES - they recommend it as well - the whole trick to the Segway is leaning forward and backwards and your feet can cramp up a little. That said - flip flops didn't cut it. 

And for the holidays - Segway has a special series of Holiday Segway Tours that are discounted to $60 per tour. The Holiday Glides with Santa start the day after Thanksgiving and go through downtown with stops at Union Terminal (stop for coffee/hot cocoa), City Hall, Fountain Square (photo opp with Santa) as well as other points of interest.  

If you have family coming into town - I would book one of these evening tours right away - they book up quick. The lights, the scenery, the fun - you'll love it. I have literally told dozens of people about these tours - quite simply - a MUST-DO in Cincinnati! 

Disclosure: I was given free tickets on both of these Segway Tours in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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