Arby's King's Hawaiian Sandwiches Are Here!

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Tonight when I was heading home from work I was hungry but didn't have anything thawed out for dinner - so we ran through the Arby's drive-thru down the street and I decided to try the new King's Hawaiian sandwich. 

They actually have two choices - the regular roast beef & the roast beef & swiss which comes with dijon mustard, pickles and swiss cheese. I was on the phone yapping away with a friend and let my husband order for me...(big mistake). He ordered the plain :-( he even forgot my side of cheese! But I love the Arby's roast beef - so I was game to trying it anyway! 


I've never had the King's Hawaiian sandwich before so it was all new to me. Actually I'm not sure I've ever had the King's Hawaiian rolls either. I see them all the time at the grocery store but never tried them! 


A few bites in to the sandwich - I definitely started to taste the sweetness of the King's Hawaiian roll. I've always thought Arby's regular sandwich buns were a little sweet - but these were definitely a bump up in sweetness. I liked it. I think it would pair really well with the swiss cheese & dijon mustard. It might overtake the Beef & Cheddar as my favorite sandwich with those toppings! 


I've always liked Arby's because it's so different than a regular old burger place. That said, it is great when they come up with new options like this one. My husband loves their French Dip too. If you're not sure where the nearest Arby's is - you can Find an Arby's with their store locator. 


The King's Hawaiian (plain & swiss) are only available for a limited time. Once you've tried it - let them know what you think on their twitter @Arbys. Have you tried the Arby's King's Hawaiian before? Let me know what you thought about it. 

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