Christmas Gift Week - Day 2: Hungry Globetrotter

For Christmas Gift Week - Day 2 - we're checking out Hungry Globetrotter. If you're looking to expand your culinary boundaries - this is a great idea! 

Sign up and once a month you'll get a box of recipes, spices and sauces from a unique place around the world. This month I got a box with everything I need to make a great Korean meal! Here's their recipe for Kalbi or Bulgogi with Lettuce Wraps.

It's great because instead of touring the continent - you can stay home and still try unique foods from around places like India and Korea! Here's a video of the Peruvian box dinner:

They have quite a few different gift ideas that range from 1-3 months to just selecting a specific box you want!

I really think this is a neat idea for the adventurous culinary friend or relative. Plus - it gets you outside the box of the normal recipes you make. I can think of a few folks this would be great for!  

Disclosure: Hungry Globetrotter provided this box to me in exchange for a post but the opinions are my own. 

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