Christmas Gift Week - Day 3: Women at Risk

For Day 3 of the Christmas Gift Week ideas - I'm going a different route. Instead of giving food to a loved one - give a gift that provides food and SAFETY for women around the world. 

Women at Risk International is an amazing organization that helps women around the world who are victims of the sex trade industry. It's a disgusting and insane problem - but it's one that can't be ignored. Women, children - even babies are being trafficked. Babies are being sold for their organs. Children are being deprived of human contact so they can be bred to be sex slaves. Women are being kidnapped and sold for sex every day. 

So what can you do to stop it? Well - there are a lot of opportunities - but one way that ANYONE can do is to support Women at Risk by purchasing from their War Chest Boutique. They have a wide range of options - some products are made by women in safe houses and others are supporting the cause with proceeds benefitting the work that WAR does. 

My friend Dani hosts a party in her home each year - they send her a variety of products and she sells them - with all of the proceeds going back to WAR. Jewelry is the centerpiece of their collection with beautiful items from all over the world (Honduras, Nepal, Egypt, etc...) Some of the pieces even have a name on them - those were made by a women that has been rescued and is now in a safe house.

They also have these BEAUTIFUL cards for every occasion. I love looking through them each year - they're so bright and colorful!

 The glass ornaments are all hand-blown in Egypt and are a top-seller at these parties every year. I purchased one again this year. These are so beautiful and a great addition to any tree!

Scarves - every year - so many scarves!!! I got a scarf for someone this year - and I can't say much (and it's not in the pic) - but when I saw it - I knew it was for this special friend!

I really enjoy helping Danielle with her party every year - it's so fun to see the new fun items they send to her and to see the same friends year after year. Dani says it's just one more thing she can do to help a cause - and really all she has to do is clean her house and make some cookies!

And don't think the kids are forgotten - WAR has a whole line of items for kids. Last year my friend got her daughter an adorable felted purse - this year - the purse was a fish!! He even has a little fish inside him for coins! Seriously adorable!

Women at Risk is a great organization and a great cause. They also have gifts for every price range - some of the bracelets/keychains are just $2-4, scarves are $18-$30 and jewelry ranges from $10-$70. There is literally something for everyone!

If you're looking for a unique gift that does double duty - by also saving lives - please consider Women At Risk.

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