Christmas Gift Week - Day 5: Food Hussy's Foodie Gift Wish List

For Day 5 - I wanted to be a little selfish and hopefully help my family and friends. Here are some foodie things that I want for Christmas!

First up - new pots & pans. Mine are so beat up it's not even funny. Larry uses metal spoons in our nonstick pots for pete's sake! I came across these Art & Cuisine Pots & Pans and love them! The stone series is cool - it's made of cast aluminum and coated with ceramic. The cooking surface is so smooth - you don't even need oil! Love it and this skillet is under $30!

I have been in need of a juicer for so long! This juicer from OXO is great and it has easy grip handles. Plus, at $15 - it's not too expensive either! I'm so tired of having to squeeze the juice out by hand (#firstworldproblems). 

Larry got a Keurig for his birthday - so I want a SodaStream! I never drink coffee so this would be just perfect for me! Plus - I love lemonade soda and I can only get it during the summer - with the SodaStream - I can have it all year long. This starter kit is only $79 - not bad (and free shipping). 

Now this one isn't for me - but it really does fit my friend Rachel (I know 5 Rachel's - so I'll let them guess which one I'm talking about). At under $17 - this fun wine glass is not too expensive for a friend gift!

Lastly - I could use some GOOD steak knives. I've always heard great things about Wusthof and this set is $59 with free shipping. My steak knives were given to me I don't even know how long ago and they're horrible! I almost dread making steak because they're so bad! 

So there you have it - five foodie gifts that I would love - and I bet other foodie folks would too! Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your friends and family. Or me. I'll accept gifts from you guys! :-)

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