DIY: Craft Night - Wooden Letter Blocks

My friend Rachel has a great holiday tradition that she included me on this year! Every year she meets with her friends and they have a holiday craft night! 

There was quite a group of us - all making different projects. It was great because we were able to help each other, share ideas and also use equipment that we might not all have!

My niece created a burlap door hanger inspired by my polka dot cross that I made a few weeks ago. She made this with her Mom's initial and then painted flowers on one side and polka dots on the other.

She also made this Ode to the Indianapolis Colts for her uncle! Awwww. It will look great in his man cave - I can tell you that!

Another girl had a really cool painted block with this dark midnight blue glitter paint. Then she used our host's Cricut to cut out letters. Who's Preach? Her new horse! Awww!

Then there is my project. The host mentioned ahead of time that her husband could cut wood blocks for us to make name blocks. I chose this project and had just the spot for it. It was really easy. I'll provide the instructions at the end of this post.

 And here's my finished project on the shelf above my kitchen. I really like how it turned out. Here's how I did it:

Wooden Name Blocks


* Wooden blocks 4x6x2
* 2 sheets patterned paper (for background) (for 7 blocks)
* 2 sheets cardstock (plain - for letters)
* Miscellaneous paper for extras (end blocks)
* Modge Podge


* Get your friend's husband to cut the 4x6x2 wooden blocks and sand them down (haha) or buy them if you don't have a friend's husband!
* Cut your patterned paper to fit the wooden blocks (approx 3x4)
* Use double stick tape and stick the patterened paper to the wooden blocks
* If available, use Cricut to cut out letters for your name. If not available you can freehand or use stencils.
* Use narrow double-stick tape to stick the letters to the patterned paper
* Coat the entire project with 1-2 layers of mod podge and let dry

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