Product Review: Babushka Pierogies

I love finding local businesses making unique and delicious products! Recently I found out that we had some pierogie masters in our midst and I'm excited to share them with you! 

My only interaction with a pierogie was the frozen ones at the grocery store - so I was excited to have real fresh homemade ones!

For those that aren't familiar, a pierogie is a dumplings of unleavened dough that are boiled then baked or fried in butter with onions. They are traditionally stuffed with mashed potatoes & cheese, sauerkraut, ground meat and sometimes even fruit!

Babushka Pierogies is a local business that is making authentic pierogies in nearly a dozen flavors with savory and sweet. As is traditional, they recommended I saute the pierogies in butter and onion and serve with a dollop of sour cream (oh yeah - twist my arm to do that?!). It only took a few minutes on each side and these were done.

There were a lot of flavors to choose from - I went for spinach & mushroom, mashed potato & cheese and beef/mushroom/onion. They were all delicious! The beef did have eggs in the filling but Larry was able to enjoy the other two as well.

I really enjoyed the mashed potato & cheese - it's such a comfort food - so delicious! The beef was also really great - it was like a moist, delicious meatball. The spinach/mushroom was good but a bit spinach heavy for my tastes. They also have sweet - I wanted to try blueberry but they were out that night. :-(

These pierogies are available from Babushka directly at their kitchen just off Hamilton in Northside. You can message them on their Facebook page to find out their varietals and pick up times. If you want some right now - head to Madison's at Findlay Market, Park + Vine or Gramma Debbie's Kitchen at Findlay Market.
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