Recipe: Purple Mashed Potatoes & Green Bean Delivery (+ coupon code)

I got a Green Bean Delivery box right before Thanksgiving - so I was excited to see what could end up being served for the big dinner. 

 I came across these "blue" potatoes and thought - yes - I must have blue/purple mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving! After some Google searching - I found that these potatoes are fine to use in mashed so why not?!

I made a pretty basic mashed potato recipe: boil potatoes, mash and add cream & butter. I know NOT to use a mixer for mashed potatoes - I tried it once and they got really gloppy and sticky - I had to throw them out.

And there you have it - Thanksgiving dinner! We didn't go all out since there was just two of us. Oh and WAIT til you find out my secret for the JUICIEST turkey breast I've ever had in my life!!!

If you've ever thought about trying Green Bean Delivery - now's the best time. I have a coupon code good for $15 off your first delivery! It's good for new orders & reactivations. It's a great service - you choose your bin size and delivery frequency - then they select the produce that is most in season for you.

Worried you might get stuck with something you don't like? They send you a list of what they've put in your basket and then you can adjust it accordingly. Plus - it does the math for you - you take out broccoli and it only lets you put things back that are in the right price range! It's an AWESOME tool.

The discount code is good through this Saturday 12/21/13: 15TFHml. Let me know if you decide to try it out! Its a good Christmas gift too - who wouldn't love a fresh delivery of produce each week (or bi-weekly) - one less trip to the store!

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