Restaurant: Mama Mimi's Take 'N Bake Pizza

My friend Dave called me up to let me know that a new take & bake pizza had opened in Cincinnati - I was pretty excited. We had a chain back home that was really good (Papa Murphys) so I was excited to have one here. It's called Mama Mimi's Take 'N Bake Pizza

Mama Mimi's started in Columbus and has now moved their HQ to Cinci and opened locations in Oakley, Kenwood and Anderson (in addition to their locations in Columbus). The Oakley locatio is in the former spot of Yum! Cupcakes and across from Oakley Pub & Grill right off Madison Rd.

They have a big menu that includes salad, pizza, lasagna & sides. The lasagna comes in three sizes and there's a size guide on the tray so you can figure out how much you need.

The boys were there making pizza pies for everyone - I really like that their menu has a good mix of unique and ordinary pizzas in addition to gluten free & vegetarian!

Mama's Marmaletta Amore is on their Award Winning selection and is one of the favorites. It's also very unique with an apricot glaze for the sauce and topped with carmelized onions, mozzarella, chicken, basil, red pepper flakes and gorgonzola. Sounds kinda crazy but Dave said it's his favorite!

This was the haul they sent me home with - pizza, lasagna, salad and a surprise cookie! They all have the instructions clearly printed in stickers on the top and come on a sheet of baking paper so they go straight from the cardboard to the oven!

I went for a half & half pizza of two of their more popular pizzas: Mama's Favorite Chicken (creamy garlic sauce, chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes, scallions, cheddar & bacon) and the Classic Soprano's Supremo (red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, onion, mushroom & roasted garlic).

It only needs 8-10 minutes to bake up in your oven - so call the spouse or kids on your way home and have them preheat the oven and you'll be good to go!

While the pizza was baking we tried a Greek salad ($7.99) which we realized they forgot the feta. :-( But it was still a good salad. Larry rarely eats salad but he liked it as well.

The pizza was really good - I loved the creamy garlic sauce and liked the fact that I could split sauces on the pizza too. There is so much selection in the pizza - you're sure to find something you like.

A couple days later - I decided to try the lasagna for dinner since Larry filled up on bologna sandwiches before I got home. 
I baked it for the full 15 minutes to make sure it was hot. I liked it - I think it's a very non-offensive lasagna - not the best I've had but it's also going to please most people. I like more ricotta and gooey in my lasagna - but like I said - this was good.

The cookie was fantastic! That's the baking paper - you just slide it off the cardboard disk and right onto the oven rack. When the paper starts to brown/curl up - most likely - dinner's ready! The cookie was great - I always like mine under-done they're soft & gooey!

Why Should You Go? Well - before you go - CALL AHEAD! (513-351-MIMI for Oakley). They had only been open a few nights when we tried it and they were PACKED! So - call ahead - and you can pick up some craft beers while you're there for home. I liked it a lot and would definitely go back.

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Disclosure: Thanks to Mama Mimi's for the great dinner! 

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