Restaurant: Red Fox Grill

I love working downtown but I have to say - I have never been blessed with working in the part of downtown where there are an abundance of dining options. On the flip side - I usually have cheap-ish parking! 

I wanted to meet up with a friend for lunch and took the hike up from my valley to where the food is and chose the Red Fox Grill. I forgot to get a pic of the outside - but it's on the corner at 6th & Sycamore. 

Inside it's a very plain, common diner. I'm sure it hasn't changed much in the past 30 years. They definitely don't spend money on the decor ;-)

Kristin got some vegetable soup and she was not happy with it at all. She offered me a taste but after her glowing reco - I left it alone.

She got the fish sandwich and chips...said it was fine - the tartar sauce was slathered on - so if you don't like that - you might want to ask for it on the side.

I went for the chicken salad + bacon double decker and fries. The fries are skinny and were fine. The sandwich was good - and HUGE. I mean this thing was loaded with chicken salad - it was okay - not the best chicken salad - but also pretty plain - which I like. I just want chicken, celery and mayo basically - don't make it fancy AT ALL.

Seriously - there was no way I could eat it! I mean - I managed - but it was not easy! 

Why Should You Go? I doubt I'll go again. Silverglades is close by and far better. And for my oh-so-favorite chicken salad + bacon double decker - I'll head to Silverton Cafe

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