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My good friend Nathan from WannaBite get together often for lunch to share blogging tips. The other day he suggested Taste of Belgium for our working lunch...I had never been for a meal (just tasted the waffles at Findlay) so I was definitely up for it! 

Taste really is the American Dream come to life - in 2007 - it started with a guy and a waffle iron. Now he's got five locations and a catering business! The lunch menu has a big variety with waffles, crepes, salads, soups, sandwiches and some classics.

At Nate's reco - I went for the Waffle 'n Chicken ($10). This is really one of their specialties and comes with a waffle, Ohio maple syrup, fried chicken breast, hot sauce and a side salad.

Nathan is a budget-conscious person - so he does not eat out much - so when he does - he makes it count and knows it's good. He LOVES the waffle 'n chicken at Taste. I'm saying that up front because I didn't really like it. The salad was good (and had good unique stuff on it) but seemed an odd pairing for such a "bad for you" dish. The waffles are great - freely admit that - but they're very heavy - so I usually like just a piece - rather than a whole on. The chicken was really fried and crispy but a bit dry.

Why Should You Go? While I didn't love what I got - I know a lot of people love it. If you're not sure - stop by Findlay and take a taste of the waffles - then go from there! They also have a wonderful case of baked goods that were HARD to walk away from!

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