Product Review: SodaStream

Am I the only one that gets sucked in by infomercials and cool whizbangy products? I doubt it! Recently I was able to try one of the coolest whizbangy things out there - SodaStream!

SodaStream provided me their SodaStream Source unit to try out. These are the machines that allow you to make your own soda instead of spending $4 a 12-pack every week at Kroger like I've been doing for the past 20 years!

There are over 60 flavors offered by SodaStream. My favorite so far is definitely the Country Time Lemonade! The cola is surprisingly good as well. They are frequently adding new flavors as well - for example - there's a new set of Cooking Light flavors. There are even cocktail mixes where you add your own alcohol for things like Margaritas or Daquiris.

SodaStream provided me all these flavors to try so I really got a good idea of what they have to offer. They also have some fruit flavorings that aren't really full on sodas - but more just light flavors to add to carbonated water.

For the SodaStream - I couldn't believe how easy the setup was! It was really - pop out of the box and it was ready to go. All I had to do was put the carbonator cartridge in the back. No cords, no batteries - nothing. It's all in the machine!

The process of making soda is really simple - you start with cold water filled up to the line of the bottle (only use bottles they provide). Then you pop it into the machine and carbonate to the desired level. I LOVE fizz!

Next - you add the flavoring. I do this in the sink because sometimes if you go to fast - it overflows. This makes cleanup much easier when I do spill over. The fizzier your water, the more prone to overflows. (i.e. I overflow a lot)

Lastly you put the top on and gently roll the flavoring in the bottle - don't shake! The bottles they provide hold a lot of fizz - which is great! 

SodaStream also just came out with a dishwasher safe bottle which makes re-use and clean up a lot easier. The carbonating canisters are also exchangeable at retail outlets such as Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

After having the SodaStream Source for a couple of weeks - we absolutely love it! The syrup flavors are in the $5-10 range and they make quite a bit - definitely more than a 12-pack! I don't know that we'll stop buying soda alltogether - but we haven't bought any in 2 weeks except for a bottle here and there when we weren't home. Now for me to figure out how to perfect Vanilla Coke! 

Disclosure: I was provided these products by SodaStream but all opinions are my own. 

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