Recipe: Crock Pot Ham & Beans 2.0

I had previously made Crock Pot Ham & Beans and while good - they were awfully salty. I was looking for another recipe that might be simpler and less salty. 

 I came across a recipe with four ingredients - I'M DOWN! Beans, ham hocks, water and onion powder - that's it. The beans just needed to be rinsed and in they went.

I had previously looked for ham hocks and hadn't found them - but this time - there were a ton of them at Kroger and they were SO CHEAP. It was less than $2 for these 3 large ham hocks (vs. a small country butt ham that costs $10).

After a day of cooking - it was ready to go. I fished out the ham hock bones and then broke up the chunks of ham and dinner was done!

This was definitely less salty - I think using water took care of that. The flavor was still good because of the ham hocks. I did add a little salt when I ate mine - but on it's own - this recipe was easier and better!

Crock Pot Ham & Beans


1 lb dry northern beans
1 lb ham hocks
2 tsp onion powder
6 cups water


  • Rinse beans in water and remove any pebbles 
  • Into your crock pot, add beans, ham hocks, onion powder and water 
  • Cover and cook on low for 8 hours
  • Remove ham bones and break apart meat and add back to crock pot

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