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We have so many local craft breweries that have popped up in Cincinnati - it's just nuts! Mt Carmel has been around a while, but we also have Rivertown, Rhinegeist, Listermann, MadTree, Blank Slate, Christian Moerlein and Triple Digit. Whew - that's a lotta beer! But wait - there's one more - 50 West

50 West is on Wooster Pike in Cincinnati - very close to Hahana Beach and Pizelli. It's sort of Mariemont-adjacent. It's in a big, beautiful old house that sat empty for a while before the Slattery empire decided to jump on the beer bandwagon and convert it to a brewery. (They also own Hahana Beach, Wags Park, Reach Magazine, Slatts Pub and a few other things...)

 Inside they have a lot of merchandise for sale - growlers, glasses, hats, t-shirts and more...

I was surprised when we walked in - I thought it was just a tap room. It's a tap room and more! They actually serve food now (tapas style). If I'd known that - I wouldn't have noshed on my Firehouse Subs right before going! :-)

We saddled up to the bar - which is really sparkly. The bar itself is covered in copper and then there is a really pretty tile backsplash behind the taps.

Not surprising - there's a great beer selection. They have very clever names and a wide variety - everything from light and fruity to dark and chunky. Larry and I both have pretty specific tastes - so it didn't take long to make our choices. 

Larry was about to go with the Slave to the Traffic Light Amber Ale - when I remembered they had some bourbon barrel thing a couple weeks ago. Luckily they had some left! This was a Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine.

I can't really find any info on their page about it - but Larry liked it. Not as much as his Bourbon Barrel beer. I didn't like it at all (shocker) - but Larry could definitely taste the wine aspect of it. But then after holding it in your mouth - you definitely got the bourbon flavor.

I went much lighter and got the Speedbump Kolsch Ale. It was very light and carbonated. There wasn't much bitterness to it. I did add a little lemon to it and it was even better.

Why Should You Go? It's very nice and a little "older" crowd than some places we've been. We're 40 (yikes) and were probably about the average age. The area for diners is tucked down and very cozy - we definitely want to go back. The menu is tapas - so it's small plates. After reviewing the menu - I'd love to try the Shrimp & Crab Dip - and definitely will next time we go!

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