Restaurant: Red Robin

Every once in a while I realize that there's a restaurant I've been to a million times but never blogged about. Such is the case with Red Robin:

I typically go to the West Chester location - usually before or after a movie or Ikea trip. 

They used to have a Cherry Limeade that I loved...but recently they changed it to a raspberry limeade. I used to go through 2-3 of these in one sitting - but now - just one. Meh :-(

Luckily that was the only thing that changed. I have a pretty standard order: Guacamole Bacon Burger - but on a turkey burger (theirs are the best I've ever had) with steak fries and then add Parmesan Garlic to the fries. They're decadent and delicious. It's my favorite burger.

Red Robin also has a Royalty Club if you're a frequent visitor - free birthday burger + more!

Why Should You Go? I love Red Robin - it's consistently a good burger. The only downside is that it's LOUD. Like - REALLY REALLY LOUD. So if you have obnoxious friends - go there - nobody will notice. That said - the turkey burger is my favorite and those fries! Yum!

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