Get to Know Whole Foods!

Recently, I went on a Blogger Lunch & Learn at Whole Foods and wow did I learn a lot! It was also really fun to hang out with some friends! 

Their education coordinator gave us a tour and shared a great deal of info with us! Erin from shared that the tortilla chips (upper left) are her FAVORITE! I can bet they would taste great with some chunky fresh quacamole!

They don't forget any family member - not even the four-legged ones! I also didn't realize you could still get milk in glass bottles. Whole Foods has so many random (and interesting) product finds and local craft beers like Rhinegeist.

The juxtaposition of the top two is nice - big awesomely decorated cupcakes and a sweatshirt dedicated to KALE! You can truly find everything there! They also have fresh foods so you can stop on your way home and pick up dinner.

It's also pretty cool that they do cooking classes (for FREE) for all ages! Kids thru adults! Here's the events calendar for the Rookwood Cincinnati store.

 The food is all so fresh - they make sushi, bakery items, etc... and even had a football meatloaf for Super Bowl Sunday! My friend Jen texted me (she followed my Instagram) during the Lunch & Learn to tell me how great Kale Chips are (really????).

Their seafood and deli counters are amazing and very droolworthy. It was also cool to see that they carry Applegate deli products.  I have tried them before and they are tasty AND natural!

Along the way in our tour - I learned about:

  • rices that are native to other countries and have been brought here and farmed here 
  • I also learned that seafood can not truly be labeled "organic" because you can't monitor what they are intaking! (who knew?!) 
  • People always talk about BPA-free bottles - I asked the question - Why do I care if it's BPA-free?! Then I learned that there's a BPA lining on the inside of cans/bottles that can erode and get into your drinks (especially when going from hot to cold). Cool - now I know! 
There's a lot to learn at Whole Foods - so check them out and maybe I'll see you at a cooking class soon! Thanks to Kristin from for inviting me!

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