Recipe: Last Minute FAST Valentine's Treat!

Quick - your kid comes home and says "Hey Mom - I need to take treats to school tomorrow for Valentine's Day!" Rather than give them a lecture on why they didn't tell you this two weeks ago - just say "Hey kid - no problem!" and make these yummy treats!

Pretzel Treats Recipe
  • Preheat oven to 250 degrees
  • Arrange pretzels on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  • Place a candy (Hershey's Kiss, Rolo, Reese's PB cup) on the center of each pretzel. (Always use the same candy on a baking sheet - i.e. don't mix Rolos with Kisses because they take longer to melt)
  • Warm pretzels in the preheated oven until candy is shiny and slightly softened, 2-5 minutes. Keep an eye on them, when they start losing their shape, they are probably ready.
  • Place regular M&Ms or peanut M&Ms or even a pecan on each pretzel; press down.
  • Chill pretzels on baking sheet in the freezer until they are firm (or set outside in garage etc if it's cold enough).
  • Enjoy!!

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