Restaurant Review: Bonbonerie Cafe

Once every month or so I take my favorite (and only) project manager out to lunch so we can talk about how things are going and also just get away from the office. Lucky for me - she had to pick up a cake for her boyfriend's birthday - so we decided to go to the Bonbonerie Cafe in O'Bryonville. 

The cafe entrance is on the backside - there's a small parking lot. Bonbonerie is known for their bakery but the cafe is great too! They do a lot of tea services as well.

It's very quaint with a lot of animal art around the cafe - even a wall of cat tea pots (one of which I own as well).

Anne got the Chicken Salad Plate ($9.95) which had two big scoops of chicken salad with almonds, celery and green onions tossed in a light curry dressing. The plate also has field greens with house Balsamic and fresh baguette slices. 

Anne offered me a taste and I wasn't too excited - I'm a purist with chicken salad - I don't like anything weird in mine - but I have to say - IT WAS DELICIOUS! 

I went for Jocelyn's Quiche du Jour - I'm a big fan of quiche from my Mom making amazing breakfasts for years. This was asparagus and cheese - yum! I went for a side of soup - I think it was a red pepper lentil or something like that. Another table was leaving and said how fantastic it was so I tried it. She was not kidding - it was delicious! I really enjoyed this lunch!

And while Anne was picking up the birthday cake - I explored their bakery store - and there was so much to choose from! How would I choose?

Oh wait - that's how. 

Why Should You Go? The Bonbonerie is much more than just the home of the Opera Cream Cake! The cafe is wonderful for lunch and has a lot of nice options. And then - that cupcake - wow. I actually am not THAT fond of the cake portion but wow - that opera cream - heavenly. I could eat that with a spoon!!! If you haven't been - you should add it to your wishlist!

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