Restaurant Review: Meatball Kitchen

Short Vine in Clifton is really exploding into something fun and interesting food-wise. One of my favorites is Island Frydays - a little Jamaican place but there's so much more now! My coworkers and I heard about the latest addition and had to check out - Meatball Kitchen!

It's fairly stark and has the whole Chipotle-vibe going on. It's down a couple of blocks from Bogarts on the right. It reminds me of the tv show - America's Next Great Restaurant - there was a meatball shop on that show too.

The menu is simple - choose your base (salad, sandwich, pasta), choose your ball (spicy pork, turkey, beef, veggie) and then choose your sauce (tomato, meat, bechamel).

There are also sides - but being a bunch of girls - we didn't try any of them. They're a little off the beaten path - but I've heard good things - some of my girls were just wanting a bag of chips. It might be nice to add that as well.

The sides are things like spicy kale, onion/garlic bread pudding (stuffing - right?), sriracha sweet potato mash and more.

This was veggie meatballs on a salad - one of the girls actually wanted turkey meatballs but got this by accident. These veggie meatballs are really full of veggies! I have to say - it looks pretty good - and healthy.

A couple of girls went for beef with tomato sauce on a sandwich. They were a bit underwhelmed. The bread got soggy pretty quickly but they said the flavor was fine.

Amy got the pasta with meat sauce and beef meatballs - I have to say - it looked delicious. She was underwhelmed though as well. She said while it all tasted fine she never really has a craving for this food so wouldn't have any hankering to come back.

I went for the full on heart attack in a container - pasta with beef meatballs, bechamel and - aw hell - a slice of provolone! I loved everything - but the meatballs :-( They were okay - but they were a little mushy in the middle. I was hoping for something a little firmer. That said - the pasta & bechamel were delicious! This is also the way to go if you're getting an order to go - there's no way the bread would hold up.

Why Should You Go? If you really love meatballs - you have to go. They have meatball tacos and a meatball burger as well. Nobody in our party of 7 came away saying, "I can't wait to come back!" - that said - I actually liked it for the most part. It was really warm and comforting - especially in this snowy winter. So - sort of a mixed bag - worth a try for sure.

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