Restaurant Review: Pho Lang Thang

I met up with a friend for lunch the other day and was really excited to try Pho Lang Thang at Findlay Market! They actually have a couple of other co-owned spots: Cafe Lang Thang and Quan Hapa. 

They have new menus and they're really cool - all old record covers! What a great reuse of something so beautiful and classic! 

My friend ordered Meatball Pho which came with this plate full of goodies to add to it. It's just a bucket of fragrance when this comes to the table!

The meatball pho ($6-9) was his choice and it looked really good. It took every ounce of fortitude to not steal a meatball when he went to the restroom! It's a little much broth for me - but it does just smell amazing. 

I went for the Banh Mi with the grilled pork and added pate ($6.50). This was definitely hands-down one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. It had so many unique flavors yet it was light enough to not weigh you down. I'm glad I got the pate because I definitely think it added flavor without being so much so that I could taste it too much.

Why Should You Go? Vietnamese food is really starting to take off and you're seeing "Pho Cafes" pop up in places like Florence Mall! It's very different from Chinese food - but if you like light asian flavors - then you should give it a try! There's also a really cool noodle salad (called "Bun") - it's noodles with all this good stuff on top (but no pho broth).

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