Giveaway: Potbelly comes to Northgate!

Potbelly Sandwich Shop has recently opened up on Colerain near Northgate Mall! If you haven't been in a while - that area is REALLY booming! It's pretty great seeing all the development - I hear there might even be a movie theater coming soon! 

Potbelly is one of many "sandwich shop" chains - and admittedly - I wasn't really a huge fan. My friend Kelly told me to try their chicken now was my chance!

 One thing I notice is that they have Coke AND Pepsi - way to please the masses - I like that!

There's a giant menu board hanging up for you to peruse while you're in line. They have a lot of great choices and they have Skinnys that are all under 400 calories. 

After I chose my sandwich - I decided to grab a bag of chips as well - it was cool to see the varieties beyond just plain old sour cream & onion or plain.

I had never had Pop Chips before and these sweet potato ones were really good. They're baked and actually tasty! There's a decent amount of seasoning on them as well - but I liked them.

So what is this secret sandwich that's delicious and that I had to try?

Chicken salad!!! Yeah - who knew - but Kelly promised me if I tried the chicken salad I would like it. And she was right! I like a "plain" chicken salad with mayo, celery, onion, chicken and that's what this is. I added provolone, lettuce & mayo on white and we were good to go. Good sandwich. Happy Hussy.

Potbelly also delivers - which is great. I ordered 2 sandwiches the other day and they even delivered that a few blocks over to our office. So keep that in mind next time you're stuck at your desk with meetings and piles of work. :-)

And thanks to the opening of their Northgate location - the great folks at Potbelly provided me with 3 $25 gift cards to give away to you guys! So you've got a great chance to win! Check out their menu and let me know what you like - and you might get to try it for free!

Why Should You Go? I like that they have hot sandwiches - even the chicken salad gets toasted a little. Good stuff. There's a good variety of drinks and chips - plus their cookies are legendary!

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