Restaurant: Holtman's Donuts

Sometimes I think it's funny how when a tried and true business is "discovered" by the masses. Holtman's Donuts have been around since 1960 - but recently they opened in Over the Rhine - and now they're THE COOLEST! (People in Williamsburg and Loveland already knew that!). That said - it's great to have them SO CLOSE to downtown - then my coworkers have an easier time bringing them in for breakfast! 

 Rachel & Kelly surprised us for Fat Tuesday with donuts for breakfast! We had a dozen mixed and...

...a dozen glazed! 

I decided to change it up a little - and for some reason this red velvet cake donut was calling my name. And let me say - it was actually SCREAMING my name. Cake donuts are tricky - usually they're a bit dense for my liking. This was amazing - it was light and fluffy - but crispy too! There was a light sweet glaze on it as well.

Why Should You Go? Cuz it's damn good. I'll say though - I tasted the glazed and they didn't have the same softness as Bill's Donuts from Centerville. But for cake donuts - Holtman's is the winner hands down.

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