Restaurant Review & Giveaway: Dick's Last Resort - Newport, KY

When I heard we were getting a Dick's Last Resort at Newport on the Levee - I got on the preverbial internet horn asap! 

Dick's has taken the spot on the corner that has been a few different things over the years. There's a really nice patio on the parking lot side of the building as well.

Inside - it's a busy busy setting - lots of chaos but fun chaos. You see banners hanging - like my alma mater the University of Iowa - and people wearing funny paper hats everywhere. What were we in for?! 

If you're not familiar - Dick's is a very unique dining experience - they're a bit loud, a bit funny and a whole lot rude - but all in fun. They let you know that right up front. Since they had just opened - the wait was quite lengthy and the manager got on the mic and announced something to the effect of, "Hey - we love you all - but we have a lot of people waiting - so if you're done eating - get the hell out!" :-) 

Dick's has a ton of virgin and alcholic beverages. They also have different glass options - we just went for the light up cup - but they also have coconut mugs that were pretty fun. There are also some local craft beers as well.  

We got the chili-cheese dip ($7.99) as an appetizer. The chips were okay - some were noticeably stale. The chili-cheese dip was good - could have been a little warmer. And there was a generous dollop of sour cream as well.  There were lots of chunks of tomato and meat in the dip as well.

The folks at Dick's are pretty obnoxious - but all in good fun. Larry asked me if I was going to get a pair of those drawers for the road. :-) We also got our hats as well - Larry was shocked at how well they pegged me without knowing me at all! ;-) Our fun server Epic made these herself and placed them atop our noggins. Larry is amused as you can see.

Larry ordered snow crab legs ($23.99) and they came with fries. They were fine - he really enjoys the King crab - and these are much smaller - but they were fine.

There's another entree called Big BBQ Balls - and the fun they made of the poor 15 year old boy that ordered those - well - it was pretty great.

I ordered the Crabby Cakes ($16.99) and they came with a side of rice and corn. They were fine - the crab cakes had a lot of crab in them. It was fine - I wish I'd gone for something like Fish & Chips. 

Epic was urging me to take home some dessert if I wasn't going to have it there - so I got a "slice" of cheesecake ($5.99). It was HUGE and lasted me 3 days. :-) It was good stuff!

Why Should You Go? I can say - none of the food was amazing but it's fine. And really - you're not going to Dick's for the food. You're going for the fun. The staff is a blast and they put on a helluva good time. They also have specials for birthdays, bachelorette parties, etc... and the price is good! ($20/head)

And now - you get to experience the fun of Dick's Last Resort! They were extremely generous and are giving away 3- $50 gift certificates to you! Enjoy and Good Luck!

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