Restaurant Review: J. Alexander's, Norwood, OH

There are times when you come across a boss that you just know is special - lucky for me - I have a few of them. One of them recently took me to J. Alexander's in Norwood - always great to catch up and hang out with these influencers on my life. :-) 

Dan was in a healthy mood and went for soup & salad. He started with the Chicken Tortilla Soup. Other than the fact that it's brown - it looked & smelled great!

He also got the Alex's Salad and it looked great. The Alex is a great salad with lettuce, cucumber, cheese, croutons, ranch and more. Yum!

I went for the fish tacos entree and it was delicious! The fish was fried and under all that delicious sauce, avocado and cabbage that you see. The one thing that was the most shocking was the rice & beans. Many restaurants serve rice & beans and more often than not - they're inedible. This was full of flavor, light and not at all dry! I think I gobbled that up quicker than the tacos!

Why Should You Go? J. Alexander's is a little pricier than other restaurants nearby (Ruby Tuesdays, etc...) but it's very tasty. They are a more unique restaurant and the food definitely has a special touch. I have enjoyed every visit.

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