Restaurant Review: Pomodori Pizza - Clifton, OH

Larry and I were on a drive day and went through Clifton and wanted to stop for a quick bite. Pomodori Pizza had a sign in the window for a two-slice special so we went for it! 

We have previously enjoyed the Montgomery location so felt pretty good about the Clifton spot!

In addition to the pizza - we got some of their cheesy garlic bread ($5.50) and let me tell you - I have to remember to just get that. It's amazing!!! I admittedly ate 75% of this. Larry looked at the empty plate and just shook his head. He knows my obsession with melty cheese just gets the best of me some days. :-)

The pizza was just okay - they only had pepperoni or cheese by the slice and though the slices are large - they just didn't taste that fresh. Their gourmet pizzas in Montgomery are much better.

Why Should You Go? Pomodori Pizza in Clifton is fine for a quick bite and the garlic bread with cheese is worth the price of admission.

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