Service Review: Delivery (& Freshii salads)

Ever sitting at home in your PJs and realize you're hungry but there's no food in the house? Just order delivery - right - but what happens when you don't want pizza? Um - um - well - there's oyster crackers in the top cabinet right? 

Not anymore! There's a new site called and they are bringing restaurant food to your living room - and you don't have to pick it up - heck you don't even have to put on pants! (Well - maybe put on pants.) currently works with 13 restaurants and can also stop by the convenience store for you! That is new since I tried them out - you can get Fido food when they bring your dinner - that's pretty awesome! Just think if you're sick and you don't want to leave - YOU DON'T NEED TO! 

I chose to order lunch at work from Freshii - the other restaurants include Buca di Beppo, M Wood Fired Grill, Mr. Sushi, Burrito Joes and more. You just enter your zip code to find out who they can deliver to you! 

The site is pretty great - it brings up their entire menu and tells you the details of each item. You can also search the menu if you're looking for something specific. 

You can also add on items really easily. The only suggestion I would have is to be able to edit an item - they said that's in the works - but just something to be aware of.

From Freshii, I chose the Fiesta salad and added shrimp. The salad had black beans, corn, avocado, pico, jack and cheddar cheese along with a cilantro lime vinaigrette.

From a salad perspective - it was fine. There was a decent amount of ingredients on the salad and they were fresh. The only two things I didn't love: the shrimp were baby shrimp rather than grilled "normal" sized shrimp and the avocado was in one piece - a little tough to cut with a fork. (We took our salads out to Sawyer Point for a picnic.)

My coworkers went for the cobb salad with field greens, romaine, avocado, bacon, blue cheese, tomatoes and corn. The salad comes with Honey Dijon but they both subbed out ranch. They asked for hard boiled egg to be added but that isn't on the menu I guess. They said the salad was good.

Why Should You Go (Freshii)? It was a pretty good lunch salad. We used to get Deli 720 all the time but since they've closed - we don't have much for creative healthy options that we can walk to - so it's nice to have a salad option that can be brought to us! I still like Ingredients better - but it's a good option. They also have wraps if salads aren't your thing.

Why Should You Use I think it's a great service - there is a delivery fee - but you'd have to expect that. They were on time (actually a few minutes early) and very friendly. I really like having options - it's really handy for work or home! I hope you'll check it out!

Disclosure: provided our lunch order free of charge but all opinions are my own. 

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