Top 7 Celebrity Beer Can Chickens

Beer Can Chicken is extremely popular right now - grilling season is upon us and people just can't wait to shove a can up the nether regions of a chicken and cook 'em up!

That said - for my day job - I was looking for images of beer can chicken - and suddenly - I saw celebrities come to life in these chickens! So I present to you:

7. Coming in at #7 - all meaty and delicious - Lady Gaga
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6. Thin & Pale at #6 - it's Mary Kate & Ashley Olson
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5. Sounding off at #5 - Foghorn Leghorn & Chicken Hawk (Click here if you're too young for this reference.)
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4. Keeping her ears warm at #4 - Princess Leia
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3. Whipping up some chicken at #3, it's Devo!
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2. Showing us all of her assets at #2 - it's Kim Kardashian
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and last but certainly not least...

1. Janet Jackson having a wardrobe malfunction!
Image courtesy of Wiki-How

Thanks to all the chickens who sacrificed their lives for our enjoyment! 

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