DIY: Spring Birds

My friends and I got together for our regular craft day and decided to make some cute spring birds! Mine is on the far right. It was really fun how we each had our own take on the craft and what each of us did with it. 

The wooden birds were purchased at Michaels for around $4 each. They come already in white. Then we had washi tape, scrapbook paper and mod podge. I had never used washi tape before. I found some cute patterns like the one shown here on clearance for just .99. The scrapbook paper was affordable as well - I found a thick book of it for just $3 on clearance.

We had an extra special visitor for craft day - my friend Kelly's puppy Nora! Her breath smells like chicken soup - we have no idea why. That is quite possibly the only thing that can make craft day better  is a puppy!

We all decided to paint our birds before applying the tape/paper. For that we just used regular craft paint - we all had a bunch of it to share between us. Then I decided to go with a combo of two washi tapes on one side and scrapbook paper on the other. I'm fancy like that. The birds are small enough - that I just eyeballed the lines on the tape. Once I had all of the rows on - I used a razor blade to cut the excess off.

If you've never used washi tape it's pretty cool - you can tear it very easily, it's sticky enough to stay in place but light enough that you can reposition it easily.

Kelly decided to go with torn pieces of scrapbook paper. As she was putting them on her owl - she was coating them with mod podge.

Danielle went another route with using the scrapbook paper like I was using the washi tape. She layered it up in rows and then mod podged over top for them to seal together.

We also painted some mason jars - but I'll share that later. The birds came out very cute and were pretty easy. You can be as creative as you want - or simply copy a pattern that you find online. All in all - it's affordable too!

I hope you enjoy making your own!

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