Product Review: BrylaneHome Sleep Tite Sheets

I have quickly become a fan of BrylaneHome and their fantastic products! I have gotten a deep fryer and some outdoor furniture and they're both fantastic! But this time - I needed some new sheets - so I wanted to check them out and see what I could find!

Their BrylaneHome Studio Collection has a lot of great options - but I was looking to solve a specific problem with these sheets. I have a big King bed but I also have a husband and two dogs - all three of them are BED HOGS! Every day I wake up and my fitted sheet has popped off the bed again!

Thankfully - I found these Sleep Tite sheets on the BrylaneHome site!! I was really excited by the fact that they had them in Slate Blue - it appeared that it would perfectly match the comforter set I had on my bed! I was really just hoping the Sleep Tite part worked!

The secret is that the fitted sheet has this seamless one piece construction with elastic sides. It's also ample enough that it fits a 20" thick pillow-top as well as a 7" mattress.  I have to say - this was also much easier to make the bed with (which is not easy in our wedged in space that fits a King bed with about an inch to spare!).

I wasn't kidding! Our king bed BARELY fits in our space - but it fits! And the Slate Blue was a great match!

Two plus weeks later - THE SHEETS ARE STILL ON THE BED - just in time for the laundry! I was incredibly happy with these sheets - the color, the fit-tight and even the texture. These were the 500 thread count sheets and were almost satiny! I love them and am definitely not turning back from these sheets! Now I'm going to have to get another set so I can change colors now and then.

Be sure to check out everything BrylaneHome has to offer! I love them!

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