Product Review: The Saucy Fish Co.

I've embarked on a journey to eat healthier - oye vay - as a food blogger - it's not easy. I'm doing my best to balance healthy choices with not so healthy restaurants. The other day I was supposed to go to the latest fried chicken hot spot - I had jello for breakfast! Then - they had a 45 minute wait at lunch and we had to bail! I guess I was supposed to stick to my diet that day! :-) 

Recently The Saucy Fish Co contacted me to let me know they're coming to the US - right now they're just in the Northeast in the Giant Food stores but will be expanding to more stores. In preparation - they sent me a cooler full of Saucy Fish options!  A cooler full of seafood is just what I need when starting a healthy eating regimen! Woohoo!

I've tried a couple of them so far - they have a TON of options - first up was the Mango & Chili Sauce with Tilapia.

The fish is really well packaged - vacuum-sealed and come with a sauce packet. The directions are great too - they let you know a few options for how to cook your fish.

I chose to bake the tilapia and put the sauce on before baking (you can also use after you bake). The pieces of tilapia were really large. I wasn't a big fan of this sauce - it wasn't offensive or anything - I'm just not a big mango fan. Larry liked it quite a bit and polished it off.

We also tried the salmon with a sweet soy & chili dressing. Again in it's great vacuum sealed package. In addition to this, they also have an oven bake bag and ready to go, pre-marinated options. (I'll be trying those soon!)

I decided to saute the salmon - the calories in the fish are really great - so I had enough room in my day for a little oil. This sweet soy & chili dressing is amazing!!!! It has a kick to it - but also a delicious flavor. After tasting this - I'm going to be counting down the days until they expand to Ohio - I might even drop the packaging by my local Kroger and see if they can ladder that up and get them in stock.

If you're in the area of Giant Food or if you're in the UK - definitely check these out. Otherwise - you might have to wait a bit. But as delicious as these are - I don't think it will take long for them to be everywhere. (And I love the packaging - simple & bold - you can't miss it.)

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