Restaurant Review: Bella Luna

The folks at Bella Luna recently celebrated their 13th Anniversary here in Cincinnati - they're located down in the East End right across from Terry's Turf Club. 

To commemorate their anniversary - they had a big dinner for all their friends and I was invited. There were also new beers from Listermann Brewing that Bella Luna is now serving.

I tried quite a few dishes and they were tasty but my favorite of the night was by far the Seafood Cannelloni. It's a thin, crepe-like pasta stuffed with crab, shrimp and scallops then topped with their Lobster Cream sauce (top left of the plate shown). This was DELICIOUS! Everybody was going back for seconds - I for one can't wait to return to Bella Luna just for that dish! 
And then - after we had tried everything - the server came over and said "Oh did you know - there's bread pudding in the other room?" WHAAAAAAA????????

Yeah if you didn't know - Bella Luna has the best (award winning - mind you) bread pudding on the planet. Srsly!

Why Should You Go? If you're looking for Italian that doesn't come from a chain - here's your stop. That seafood cannelloni is worth the trip and don't eve get me started on the bread pudding!!! Stop by and wish them a Happy Anniversary!

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