Restaurant Review: M Wood Fired Grill, Hyde Park

I love whenever I get a chance to get together with my friend Danielle. She's just an angel to me - she's been through a lot and yet is always giving and doing for everyone else - love that kid! She lives in East Hyde Park and we decided to grab a bite after work and were able to walk to M Wood Fired Oven and even sit outside!

We each ordered a pizza - Danielle went for the Sausage & Apple Pizza ($14). This is a thin crust, wood-fired and the portion size is large. I'd say this could definitely be shared if you accompanied it with an appetizer.

She really enjoyed this pizza and I think I liked it better than what I ordered. The apple was really unique on the pizza and was had a great crisp bite to it. The server said it's one of their most popular items as well.

I went for the Pesto ($14) which had pine nuts, pesto, prosciutto and goat cheese. And I have to say - pesto, prosciutto and goat cheese are all among my favorite ingredients on the planet.

Unfortunately - it didn't quite live up to my hopes. The prosciutto was cut too thick and the pesto was too overwhelming. The crust was fine - I just didn't love the toppings.

All in all - we weren't too excited at this point - but there was a major saving grace - and it came in the form of cauliflower. WHA?????

Danielle had told me about the Cauliflower Gratin ($8) and said we HAD to get it. This has cauliflower, brussel sprouts, spinach, cream, bread crumbs and pine nuts.

I cannot tell you how amazing this was. Seriously - this was one of the best dishes I've had in the past year (at least). This was comfort food at it's best. The vegetables, the cream, the crunch - oh man - I'm drooling just thinking about it!!!!

Why Should You Go? The Cauliflower Gratin. The pizza is fine but the gratin is life-changing.

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