Product Review: Chocolate Time! Theo Chocolates & Sara Lee Cakes

Let's talk chocolate. I mean - how can you not be happy if you're talking about chocolate?! I have a couple of chocolately-good products to share with you. These will surely take care of that sweet tooth!

If you're looking for serious, decadent, rich, dark chocolate - Theo Chocolates are the way to go. These bars are delicious and come in a bunch of delicious flavors (sea salt, ginger, raspberry, etc...). My favorite was the salted almond 70% dark chocolate. It was on the bitter side but you only needed one square to satiate your chocolate desire. They also have milk chocolate flavors as well if that's more your flavor. If you're in Seattle - you can even take a tour! (I wonder if there's a chocolate factory in Cincinnati - anybody know?)

Disclosure: Thanks to Theo Chocolates for the samples but all opinions are my own. 

The second chocolatey goodness comes from Sara Lee - I came across these at the Taste of Cincinnati. They've recently come out with these individually wrapped cakes and although they're a splurge - they're definitely worth the 220 calories. I was really surprised at how good these were! Most of the time cakes like this are dry and flavorless - these were great! They were moist and chocolatey with nice bites of chocolate chips. I loved them! I found a full selection of all the flavors at Meijer. 

So if you're needing a few bites of chocolate - check these guys out! :-)

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