Product Review: Ozeri 360 Tower Fan

Our tower fan died a couple weeks ago - right as it was getting HOT! Our bedroom is upstairs and unfortunately the central air just doesn't get up there - so we had to get a new fan quick! The folks at Ozeri had great timing and sent me this 360 Tower Fan

The Ozeri 360 Tower Fan has all sorts of great features!

  • It oscillates at 60, 90, 120 or 360 degrees - so you can make any room cooler
  • There are 3 really quiet speed settings
  • There are these cool microblades that generate a lot of airflow with very little noise
  • The fan has preprogrammed patterns - so you don't have to do anything
  • The remote controls all the features and has a timer!
It's a great tower fan and we love it! Every day when we get home from work - the fan goes on and by bedtime - we're good! 

Thanks Ozeri! 

Disclosure: Ozeri provided this fan to me in exchange for this post but the opinions are my own. 

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