Recipes: 5 Easy Egg-Free Desserts! #eggfree #allergy

My husband is allergic to eggs - which - can be frustrating when it comes to desserts! He's never had cake for pete's sake! Since we got married - I've been finding great egg-free recipes that are perfect for his sweet tooth!

First up - egg-free banana bread! He loves banana bread - but so many recipes require eggs - except this one! It's delicious too!

My mom gave us this Peach Cobbler recipe - she's made it for me since I was a kid. The secret ingredient is water! Be sure to click through and find out more. This is by far my most popular post! The top is sugary and crunchy - it's so delicious!

On our first anniversary, we went to a Bed & Breakfast in Greensburg, IN and they made these dairy-free berry muffins for Larry. He loved them and insisted I get the recipe. They were just as good when I made them!

A coworker made these Oreo cake balls and I had no idea they were so easy! It's also pretty amazing how crushed oreos become almost a frosting like consistency! These are so good - I've made them a half-dozen times since!

And last up - these delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins. I could not get over how tasty they were and the chocolate chips added that extra bite of sweet that they needed. I could eat these all week long (and I did!).

There you have it - 5 easy egg-free desserts that are perfect for that loved one with an egg-allergy. The best part is - they're so delicious - you'll eat them too!

And as a bonus - if your loved one has never had pancakes - Krusteaz has a fantastic egg-free complete pancake mix. We were on a trip staying with a family once and I mentioned Larry's allergy - they found this brand and we've been loyal ever since!

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