Restaurant Review: Butt Shack BBQ Grill

I am just not a big BBQ fan - I've tried many places and just don't like it much. I mean - I LOVE Eli's - but that's special. That said - I heard a new BBQ place opened near us and decided to check it out. 

Why? Cuz it's called the Butt Shack. How can a HUSSY not go to the BUTT SHACK?! It's in Green Hills off Winton Rd near the former Johnny's Toys.

Larry tried the Pulled Pork Sandwich which came with fries and a side for $7.75. He isn't a huge BBQ fan either but from the first bite - he was hooked. The pulled pork was juicy and had a nice smoky flavor. The beans were the best! He was a happy camper.

I went for the Pulled Pork Platter (no bread - 2 sides) for $9.75. I went for baked beans and Johnny Cakes. The pork was juicy and I loved it. The beans were so rich and reminded me of the kind my friends parents made for graduation dinners - baked all day - so delicious! And then the Johnny Cakes - they were like a corn pancake but the outside was crispy and buttery. I only ate half of everything so then I had a whole second dinner the next day!

Why Should You Go? Besides the fact that we LOVED the food - the service was great. It's a family-owned business and everybody is super sweet and friendly. We will definitely be back! It's the best BBQ I've had in long time!

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