Review & Giveaway: HoneyBaked Ham BBQ for your Holiday Party!

Fourth of July is JUST AROUND THE CORNER! And that means - barbecues, family and friends! It also means cooking, grilling and dishes - blech! Well - I've got a way around that - get all your goodies this year from HoneyBaked Ham

They provided me (and one of you!!!) a gift certificate for a party prize package for 10! Let me tell you everything that comes in this and how yummy this is - and then you can hopefully win this for your holiday party this weekend!

They have a variety of side dishes made at the store - as well as some frozen ones. I went with macaroni salad, baked beans and potato salad. For journalistic purposes - I had to try them all last night with dinner. 

* Macaroni salad - I love the straight macaroni - no idea why - but I just do. It does have a heavy mayo flavor but I like the vegetables in with it. It's a must-have! 
* Baked Beans - these are delicious and have that "cooked for hours" taste that I love - plus they're egg-free for the hubby!
* Loaded Baked Potato Salad - I hadn't had this before and YUM! This has a much lighter, less-mayo flavor than a lot of potato salads - I almost wondered if it even had any in it (it does). This was light and fluffy - LOVED IT! 

They also have broccoli salad and a coleslaw - both have mayo - and I didn't feel like eating them all by myself. But good options as well. 

Another plus to HBH is that they have rolls/bread options right in the store! I chose the Honey Kissed Hawaiian Rolls and they were delish! I opened one up and put a little butter on it - instant buns for all the meat options in my prize pack! (They also have Jalapeno Corn Bread - but that has eggs and we aren't big on spicy.)

Now for the good stuff - the protein! The store manager was nice enough to let us try all of the meat options we had available - so we did 1 slab of ribs and 1 pound each of brisket, chicken and pork. Larry dug into the ribs before I could even take pics of them! The nice thing with their ribs is that they come in this bag so you can just pop it right in the oven! Less work for me :-) Larry thought the ribs were pretty good but a little fatty.

I tried a little of everything else - the pulled chicken first. I'm not usually a big fan because it can be dry - but this was really good. There was just enough sauce to keep it moist. Larry loved this - he's a chicken guy and will definitely enjoy the leftovers for this one! They come in oven-ready trays as well so they're easy to heat up for the crowd.

 The brisket was delicious!!!! Larry tried it cold - while I warmed mine up. Moist, juicy and tender - everything a brisket should be. And - it's Certified Angus Beef - and I just learned how fantastic that is last week!

My favorite though - by far - was the pulled pork. I loved the BBQ seasoning they sprinkle on top but the meat was just fall apart tender! I took a nibble cold and knew it was going to be good. I was delighted by this and really liked the difference between this and the pulled chicken. I was really expecting them to both look like the chicken - so this was nice to have a variety in texture. Yum! I would definitely get this again!! I think we'll be heading back for the chicken and pork on a regular basis. :-)

So here's my little sampler plate that I had last night for dinner. The plate was definitely empty when I was done and too bad for the pups - there was nothing left for them to clean up! We're having folks over this weekend for the holiday and we're already making plans to head back to HoneyBaked Ham to pick up some more of these for the party.

One other thing to note - all the meats are cooked when you get them - so you're just heating them up if you choose. That said - you don't even need an oven. Head to the park and picnic it up!

While you're at the store - don't miss the mustards and sauces they have available as well. HoneyBaked Ham has quite the setup - you can go in for a sandwich anytime (it is a restaurant too!) or when you go for your catered items - they have breads, sauces and drinks so you can make it a one-stop-shop!

And now it's giveaway time! I'm running this giveaway just through Wednesday in hopes that I can get the coupon in the mail that day so the winner can have these for the Fourth of July weekend! So invite your friends and enter to win! They say it's a $75 value but the bill was over $85 for all of the goods - so thanks so much to HoneyBaked Ham for the wonderful treat for me & you!

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Disclosure: HoneyBaked Ham provided the prize pack for me but all opinions are my own. 

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