Road Trip: Boone County Farm Tour Tomorrow (Sat June 21)

How can you not love that face? Well tomorrow - see that little piggie and a whole bunch more on the Boone County Farm Tour.

It's a great day of touring working farms all over Boone County and it's free! You just go at your own pace - visit the farms you want - and enjoy! I would recommend going hungry - we go to the Campbell County Farm Tour every year (July 19 - mark your calendar) and there is some GREAT fresh food to be had!

Here's the brochure for tomorrow - print this off and gear up! Here's a great planning list for the farm tour:
  • There's no admission charge - but bring cash for food, veggies and whatever else you might want to purchase!
  • Dress for a farm visit! There will be dirt, mud, stinky animals and lots of fun! #nohighheels
  • Follow instructions. These farmers know their animals - if they say don't touch - don't touch. They're opening their homes & farms to us. 
  • Wash your hands after petting the animals. (duh)
  • Don't bring your own pets. Nobody wants a dog to get scared by or to scare a big ol' horse! 
  • Most farms have restrooms - so no worries. :-)
Here's a link to my visit on the 2011 Campbell County tour - it will give you an idea of the fun time we had! And remember if you can't make it to Boone County tomorrow - Campbell is July 19 and Kenton is Sept 20. I plan on hitting the trifecta! :-)

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