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Making your own home juice let’s you create juices that can boost your energy, cleanse your system, or simply just fortify your diet with all those vitamins and minerals we SHOULD have each day.  Today I’m sharing a personal recipe guide I created that is a great detox drink.  It uses beets and ginger which are great detoxers but is still great tasting as it includes some apple, lemon, and carrot.

Using beets and ginger together are a great detox team.  The beets contain choline which supports improved liver health and reverses the negative effects of excessive alcohol abuse. While the ginger helps encourage better food movement through the GI track due to gingerols and shogaols.

I would love to attribute the original recipe but it would probably be a mash-up of 10+ different recipes.  Besides the great health benefits of juicing, I love the creative part of playing juice mixologist!  This is also how I cook and travel.  The journey is just as important as the destination.

What? How is there a journey in juice making you ask?

For me I find it best to taste as I go.  Blindly juicing X amount of carrots and Y amount of beets is a recipe for disaster or at least disappointment.  Organic produce is always delicious but it can also have a lot of variation.  One time the ginger can be super potent and other times it’s more mellow so it will require a bit more.

Please use this Beet Detox juice recipe as a guide but let your taste buds guide you.  Start with a base of each ingredient but have extra of each to customize to your personal preferences.

The Beet Detox Recipe
1 Large beet
1 Large organic apple
2 Large carrots (~ 7 inches and remove carrot greens)
1 Thumb size piece of ginger
½ Lemon with the peal removed

Serving Size: Approximately 20 oz

Equipment: I highly recommend using a cold press juicer as it results in a higher quality juice with more of it’s natural vitamins.  I personally use an Omega VRT350HD but there are many great cold press juicers available.


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