Restaurant Review: Bistro Grace, Northside

Recently we hung out with some friends for dinner in Northside and tried a couple of new places along the way. 

We were really early for dinner - so we decided just to walk around and experience a little Northside. First up was The Listing Loon - a craft beer & wine bar. It's a cute little place right on Hamilton Ave.

They really know their stuff and I was shocked by how many people come in and get beer to go. They have nearly every kind in house refrigerated and on the shelf - so you can grab either and go. They asked what I wanted and I said, "Uh - you got any of that fruity stuff?" They did! I had a blueberry cider that I'd had at Rhinegeist recently on the Brew Bus and it was just as good this time around.

After a cool beverage - we headed towards the restaurant but stopped into the Northside Grange. The Grange is a local source for dog, cat and backyard poultry supplies as well as catering to the "urban farmer". It's a bit of a hippie store in my mind - but we stopped in and grabbed a couple of Zuke's dog treats for the pups. (The dogs loved them.)

After the pit stop - it was off to dinner at Bistro Grace. We really wanted some place that wasn't too busy where we could sit outside and this seemed like a great option. They have a really nice patio in the back that was very peaceful.  BG is in the former Honey spot if you're wondering where it is.

 Larry was really hungry while we waited for our friends. 

We started out with craft beers for the boys and bread/olive oil for the table. The bread was fresh and warm and was really great on it's own. The boys liked that local beers were available for their "appetizer".

I looked over the appetizer menu and HAD to try the Duck Poutine ($14). It's hand-cut fries, duck confit, cheese curds and gravy and it's amazing!!!! This was the highlight of the meal by far. The fries were crispy, the duck was tender, the gravy was rich and the cheese was cheese. :-)

I always think of Modern Family when Cam made poutine for Mitch's dad and he looked at it and said, "I don't know what it is - but I'm not POUTINE it in my mouth." hahahaha - he missed out - it may look like a hot mess but it tastes delicious!

Leah had a beet salad ($9) with beet, fennel, cojita cheese and ginger dressing. None of us cared for this (we each tried a bite) - it was a bit completely overwhelming with the fennel.

I ordered the special which was roasted vegetables and goat cheese linguine. It was really good - the portion size was huge. I also really liked that there was a LOT of goat cheese - that always wins me over.

Leah tried their Bahn Mi Sandwich & Fries ($13) and didn't like it at all. If you're expecting a true Bahn Mi - Vietnamese style - you won't like it either. I tried a bite and if you go in expecting a pulled pork sandwich - then it's pretty good - but it's not a Bahn Mi. If you're looking for that - head to Le's.

There's also a slight issue with their photo on their site (above) vs. the actual - most notably the inside-out bread. Not sure that would have helped the sandwich at all - but just something to note. 

 Larry got this chicken dish - unfortunately I can't remember much about it. He enjoyed it though.

Matt got the grilled hangar steak ($21) with bordelaise sauce, fingerling potatoes and glazed carrots. It was cooked really nicely with a pink inside and was tender. Again - the portion size was hearty. That said - he didn't love it - especially for that price.  In looking at it - not really sure where the carrots are.

Why Should You Go? Well - we didn't love our meals. Larry and I thought it was okay - but Matt & Leah weren't too happy. Also - our bill was $70+ - which is a LOT for a casual double date. We had alternatively thought about going to Mazunte (still haven't been) and I have to think it would have been better and cheaper. The patio is also nice. I'd say go for beer & poutine and call it a night.

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