Restaurant Review: Jack Binion's Steak & Summer Concert Series at Horseshoe Casino

We were recently invited to Jack Binion's Steak in the Horseshoe Casino in Downtown Cincinnati to try out their Vintage 51 Special Dinner. I want to say up front - this $51 special is only available through July 31! (Quick Tip: Go tonight!)

Jack Binion's is located inside the Horseshoe Casino and is towards the front of the house. Inside is very elegant and there is a really nice bright glass wall that looks onto the front lawn - which is great for a concert night! 

The Vintage 51 Dining Experience is 3 courses and a glass of their Vintage 51 wine for $51. There are a couple of options for each course - and it's tough to choose! We were also lucky enough to take home some Horseshoe Casino glasses which Larry happily added to his man-cave collection.

We started with an amuse-bouche that was a seared scallop on an aioli sauce as well as their signature puff rolls with gruyere cheese. The scallop was great but the bite was a little big for one bite :-)

While we were dining, the manager came and spoke with us - he's so great! He came from Jimmy G's - so he's got some years under his belt with a delicious dining experience. Larry had chose a craft beer from their selection - they had a few locals while I went for a margarita (yum!). The salads to choose from were a Wedge (left) and the All-In (right.

The wedge wasn't actually a wedge at all - which made it much easier to eat. It had Chopped Baby Iceberg, Heirloom Tomato, Crisp Benton Farm Bacon, Compressed Onion and Tossed in House Bleu Cheese. I actually had them swap ranch for bleu cheese because I'm not much of a fan. This was really good - it was the right amount of bleu. It's such a strong funky cheese that I can only take it in small doses.

Vintage 51 is a Jack Binion's own special 2011 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon that was paired for the evening. It was a very rich red wine - I'm not much of a wine drinker but it definitely paired well with the entree.

Not included with the Vintage 51 dinner were these extra sides but the folks at JB wanted me to try them out. We had shrimp mac & cheese (amazingly delicious), sauteed mushrooms and creamed spinach topped with crispy artichokes. I was a bit surprised at how delicious the spinach was - creamed spinach just isn't something that "sounds" good - but it is!

Larry got the Crispy Skin Salmon which also had a salad with jalapenos and garbanzo beans. It was really nicely prepared. And I have to say - he took one for the team by not getting the steak at the Steak Place!

I chose the 6 oz center cut filet. This was DELICIOUS. I've eaten a lot of steak recently and this was so good. The steak itself was perfectly prepared medium rare and had a buttery flavor. It was still juicy had that perfect bite texture. I don't know if that makes sense - but when a steak is cooked medium rare - it's a little raw and a little chewy but not completely raw - there's just a certain something when it's cooked right. This steak had all of that!

This also came with a hunk of bone and there was marrow inside - so I took the bullet this time and tried it. I've heard it's "like butter" - so I schmeared it on my roll. It's not like butter. I'll leave it at that. Maybe I didn't eat it right?

After the entrees - we moved onto dessert. I was excited for the White Chocolate Wrapped Cheesecake. This had an oreo crust and a whole bunch of delicious. The fresh berries, the white chocolate coat - wow.

Larry went for the the Berries option with brown butter cake, berries, balsamic and a berry sorbet. He actually couldn't try the cake (eggs) but we split the rest. It was delicious as well. I was a bit surprised at how much flavor that cake had. It was really good - then since I had leftovers - I mixed the desserts together. :-)

Then - after the wonderful dinner - we headed outside to the American Idol tour show in the Shoe. They have a Summer Concert Series going on with great shows like Boston, Trace Adkins and The Fray still yet to come. There's a large "standing area" for the shows but if you feel like kicking back - there are large screens so you can sit in the back area and just hang out and enjoy the music.

Why Should You Go? I think the steak was unbelievably good - the service was impeccable. The next time I want a great steak - it's definitely at the top of the list.

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Disclaimer: Jack Binion's and Horseshoe Casino provided our meal, swag and concert tickets in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own - cuz that steak was Da Bomb!

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